Starting the application

We're a Rails app, and we use Webpacker to manage some of our JavaScript.

Start the application, Webpack, and our job runner Sidekiq by running:


(This just runs foreman start -f, for notes on how to install Foreman, please see Other Tools)

Then point your browser to http://localhost:3000/ to view the site. To log in use the admin account created by default (see Database)

If you run into issues while trying to run bin/setup and the error message isn't helpful, try running bin/rails s -p 3000. For example, you may need to yarn install before starting the app.

If Sidekiq is producing errors similar to No such file or directory - [SOME FILE], you may need to start Sidekiq by itself once to help it initialize itself fully. You can use the command bundle exec sidekiq to do this.

If you're working on Forem regularly, you can use alias start="bin/startup" to make this even easier. 😊

If you're using pry for debugging in Rails, note that using foreman and pry together works, but it's not as clean as bin/rails server.

Here are some singleton commands you may need, usually in a separate instance/tab of your shell.

  • Running the job Sidekiq server (if using bin/rails server) -- this is mostly for notifications and emails: bundle exec sidekiq

Current gotchas: potential environment issues with external services need to be worked out.