Installation Guide

There are many different ways you can install the development environment so you can help contribute code to Forem.

Installing locally

You can install Forem to your local machine and we have instructions for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Running with containers

Installing to your local machine can be troublesome for many reasons such as a conflicting database and runtime versions.

Another way you can get a development environment up and running is with containers. They will set up everything you need in an isolated environment, and you need not worry about the details of setting everything up locally. We have instructions for getting set up with containers quickly.

GitPod - beginner friendly!

If you are having trouble with local installation and Docker confuses you, then you can launch a development environment with the press of a button with GitPod.

GitPod is an IDE in the cloud which is also attached to a web server. It will install everything you need. If you are comfortable doing everything from a web browser, then we have instructions for installing with GitPod as well.