Welcome to Forem's developer documentation

On this site you'll find instructions to setup a local instance of Forem, documentation on the architecture of Forem, how to contribute, and many other useful documents.

This documentation site is the product of a number of volunteer contributors working alongside the Forem Core Team, special thanks to all those who have contributed to the documentation.

Running the documentation locally

Like Forem, this site is open source and the code is hosted on GitHub. If you find any incorrect information, or a even a typo, we'd love to see a pull request.

Forem's documentation is built with GitDocs NodeJS library.

To start the gitdocs server, you should run yarn gitdocs serve from the root of the forem project or from the /docs directory.

yarn gitdocs serve

This will start a server where you can browse the documentation: http://localhost:8000/

If you add new pages or rename existing pages, you'll need to restart the server for those changes to take effect.

Contributing to the docs

If you're looking for more information on contributing, check out the Contributing guide.