To go along with effective administration and putting user security and well-being first, for a Forem to be most useful, it maximizes its technical compatibility.

Compatability means:

  • Staying updated. We need to maintain overall compatability by keeping the ecosystem close to the latest version as proactively as we can.
  • Maintaining all programmatic interfaces, whether they be the API or Forem meta tags which can be consumed for Forem validation.
  • Maintaining human interfaces which allow users to find where they need to go and conduct all necessary customizations.
  • Maintaining great performance such that the web-based Forem ecosystem can provide a great experience in all network conditions and in comparison to more closed ecosystems.

Meta tags

The canonical meta tags which are expected to be present as a component of validation are as follows:

<meta property="forem:name" content="My great friends" />
<meta property="forem:logo" content="" />
<meta property="forem:domain" content="" />

This list may evolve over time. If you want to propose a new meta tag which could improve the efficacy of an ecosystem app, please feel free to open an issue or a discussion on